What is SEO?


SEO is a term used by all brands to translate search engines organically into their websites. SEO includes technical aspects such as site architecture as well as more imaginative elements such as content creation and user experience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your online content so that the search engine likes to show it as a superior result for searching for specific keywords.

SEO keywords inform your content and ensure that the generated content is relevant and easily searchable on Google

To get more traffic from search engines, you need to know what people are looking for on the Internet and generate content that targets keywords. If you generate content without researching keywords, you are unlikely to get significant traffic from search engines.

There are two important strategies for any SEO strategy: on-page and off-page.


What is on-page SEO?

Why is on-page SEO important?

On-Page SEO” includes all the elements of SEO that you can best control. If you have a website, you can control the technical issues and the quality of your content. We believe that the problems on the page should be resolved as desired. If you build a great website, it will start ranking. Focusing on internal SEO also increases the chances of your off-page SEO strategy succeeding.



What is the off-page SEO?

Off-page SEO” refers to all the activities that you and others do from your website to increase the ranking of a page with search engines.

Although many people associate off-page SEO with link building, it goes beyond that. Many activities that do not lead to standard links on other sites are important for off-page optimization.

Short tail keywords

Do you want to drive a lot of visitors to your website?

Using short-tail keywords is often the most effective way to do this. The challenge with tail short keywords is that if you are new to the new website or have not done any SEO work before, you have joined a long line.

Long-Tail Keywords

what is “long-Tail Keyword”?

How to find more visitors?

Do you want more visitors to find what they are looking for and buy from you? 

Over 70% of internet searches contain long-tail keywords. Keywords long-tail Search terms contain more than 3 words.