where to get backlinks?


Where to get backlinks?

Having quality backlinks is one of the issues affecting the SEO of the site, but getting reliable and quality backlinks is not an easy task. In this article, we are going to teach you where to get backlinks.

Earlier in the article “TYPES OF BACKLINKS AND THE IMPACT OF THEM ON WEBSITE GROWTH” We talked about the importance of backlinks and how to build quality backlinks. In this article, we are going to find out where we can get valid backlinks and where we can actually give quality backlinks to our site.


Backlinks in blogs that have followed links

One of the common ways to build backlinks is to use the services of Persian blog providers such as Blogfa, Persianblog, Mihanblog, etc. You can submit a blog to any of these blog providers and in the right way in the article “How to have a strong backlink network?” We learned to give backlinks to our site.

Note that some of these sites have recently started to backlink all the blogs of all their sub-categories, and thus all your backlinks will be given to your site in the form of nofollow. Therefore, check all your backlinks in this regard.

We reviewed one of the blogs created in the blog.ir service, and since in the tag related to our link, there is no news about nofollow, so the links made from this domain are followers and we can in a blog.ir Build a blog and produce quality backlinks.

Note that you should check these blog service providers from time to time so that they do not nofollow their links!

But as you know, we can not be satisfied with just these backlinks that we create in blogs, but how can we find other good sources for backlinks?

Here is a great tool for finding these resources.


Ahref Backlink Checker tool

Ahref Backlink Checker is a great tool for finding resources that other sites have been able to back up. Working with this tool is very simple. First, enter Ahref site, which is one of the active and good sites in the field of SEO, and then enter the address of one of your competitor sites in the Enter Domain or URL section. Leave the next option in the same mode as Subdomains and click on Check Backlinks and wait for the result after doing the captcha.

 As you can see in the picture, this great tool allows you to see 100 domains that have backlinks to your desired domain and even be aware that the backlinks of this domain are follow or nofollow!


This information will allow you to find some sites where you can get backlinks. Some of these sites allow you to follow backlinks in the comments section, and others are websites that you can use to report ads.

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