Types of backlinks and the impact of them on website growth


Types of backlinks and the impact of them on website growth

In this article, we will look at the types of backlinks and the impact they can have on website growth. Note that not every link and backlink will be useful for your site. Having some backlinks may not only help increase the site’s ranking but also damage it. Years ago, only the number of backlinks mattered to Google and other search engines, and websites that generated hundreds of unrealistic backlinks to their site were ranked better, but now the quality of backlinks is also being examined.In other words,it is very important to carefully set the backlinks that are generated for your site, and control their number.

Do not trust anyone to build backlinks.

Many admins go to those who seem to have mastered the science of SEO to increase the site’s ranking and better display on the search engine page. Our advice to you is to never give your site to these people so easily. Also, note that not all content published on the Internet in this area is complete and reliable because companies that are aware of the details of SEO do not provide this information easily and for free. People who do not have enough SEO knowledge and are not aware of new changes in bots and Google and their updates may damage your site ranking with their mistakes. So be careful in choosing your SEO expert. The penalty of the site in Google is one of the problems that you may encounter in the SEO of the site We suggest you read this article the penalty of the site in Google

Be patient in building backlinks!

If you have just launched your site, the chances of getting natural backlinks to your site are almost zero. Getting real links takes time for you. On the other hand, having a link on any site can not be considered a positive value for your website. Popular sites never include links to low-ranking sites or sites that have just started. So, what is the solution to creating backlinks for sites that are just starting? There are ways and solutions to solve this problem and May Vision provides you with all the services you need in this field. Contact us for more information.

Not every backlink will help your site grow

If the conditions were such that sites with more backlinks would necessarily get better rankings, site owners would start producing massive and low-quality backlinks. For example, using backlinks, online generators and related robots directed hundreds and thousands of links to their site every day. To prevent this problem, in the new updates of its algorithms, Google considers the quality of the source site in the backlinks. Having backlinks on low ranking sites will reduce your site ranking. Remember that even a backlink from a reputable and popular site can have a very positive effect on the ranking and visits of your site. Backlink building is one of the most important topics in SEO We suggest you read this article Where to get backlinks?

The comment section is not designed to advertise your site!

You must have seen that the admins of different sites spread the link of their website by commenting on other sites. This is considered a type of spam and is certainly detected by Google and a negative score is given to the site. Never use this method to promote your site or generate backlinks for it; Even if the comment section of that site is no-followed.

The volume of content affects the value of its backlinks

Preferably put your site link among the long and useful content. This is because the longer your article is, the higher the value of search engines like Google, and of course the links that come out of that article will have a greater impact on your site SEO.

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